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Uber Swankified
Welcome to my graphics journal. My name is Kayla. My icons and other fanart will be posted here. My personal journal is where you can find my picspams and fanmixes along with other things.

My favorite fandoms to make icons of are Harry Potter, Twilight, Jane Austen, Skins, Prison Break, and Lost. I make icons of actresses, actors, and models too.

Feel free to take any icons you want but please follow my very basic rules.

(1) Do not hotlink. I beg of you, please follow this rule.
(2) Please credit me as either uberswankified or blue_bluesks
(3) Text-less icons are not bases unless said otherwise.

Thank you to miiiintz at minty_peach for the layout and neke at ecenoci for the profile codes.
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